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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) is a type of electric vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel cell versus a battery to power their electric motor.  FCEV have zero emissions, are reliable, and practical for everyday use, as it only takes 5-minutes to refuel and drive for over 300miles.  Hydrogen infrastructure is rapidly growing in California, New York, and New England and DasH2energy provides 100% renewable hydrogen for this market from their wind and solar development pipeline. 

Energy Storage

Electricity can be converted into hydrogen by using a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis. PEM electrolysers are rapid response self pressurized machines that work in conjunction with intermittent wind and solar to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.  The PEM electrolyser provides critical grid balancing services to the electric grid, and the hydrogen can be converted back into electricity, providing long storage opportunities for electricity and firm renewable power when required.


A power-to-gas system uses PEM electrolysis to convert large amounts of electricity into hydrogen, where the hydrogen is either blended into the existing natural gas network to  create renewable gas, or combined with carbon dioxide (CO) to create synthetic methane to replace traditional natural gas.

Power-to-gas is an alternative measure to traditional energy storage and opens opportunities for reduce emissions by replacing traditional natural gas with renewable gas. 



DasH2energy is a renewable hydrogen development company, providing hydrogen solutions to the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Power-to-gas, and Energy Storage markets.

DasH2energy's founder, Gordon H Dash III has over 15 years in the power development business, building over 30 wind and solar projects totaling 4,500 MW, and he has been involved with hydrogen since early 2000.  


DasH2energy looks to use their experience in building wind and solar farms to generate low cost hydrogen to grow the hydrogen economy and bring a new renewable fuel to the marketplace. 




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